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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rose Bowl Live Blog
I'm just going to jot down stuff as I see it.

That first series was great. The fumble was not. I would like to see a replay of the scramble for the ball as I think the one ref called it USC ball pretty early.

Selvin Young? I want the better player, not the "experience." (Recall not playing Cedric Benson agaisnt OU his Freshman year because of his lack of experience.) Where is Melton on 4th and 1? I don't like this offensive coaching at all.

Nice stop on 4th and 1 by UT. So, although White is the "power back," they use Leinert on 4th and 1.

Wow, that lateral by Bush was a bad play.


The ref took his sweet time making any call on the Griffin pick.

I don't think the lateral was a TD, but rushing to kick the extra point might have cost UT a point. We'll see if they have to chase it the whole game.

I swear that the play intermission before Ramonce's TD I said, "They haven't given it to Ramonce much [just 1 rush for 0 yd -- I think he recovered a fumble?].

Where's my fucking pizza? I ordered it at 6:23.

Trading TDs is ok with me, as long as we keep being up by 6.

Ok, I stopped blogging. First, when the pizza finally came and then when I was rocking back and forth clutching a pillow.

As I was doing said rocking/clutching, I saw Vince saunter onto the field, and all was right. We would score. On 2nd and 10 from the 13, I said, "Why waste time, we know Vince will run it in."

There is no doubt as to who was the best player on the field, and, IMO, the best player in the country. Vince Young may have a stronger will to win than Bibby or anyone else I've ever seen.

For that matter, if USC could beat any team ever (e.g., '95 Nebraska, '02 Miami) and cure cancer or whatever, does this make UT the best team ever?

Not paying $1,200 or whatever it would have cost me to get in will possibly haunt me for the rest of my life. I shant make that mistake for the Fiesta next year.

Before the Big 12 title game, I believe that I told my friend I would put the line at UT by 4, but that the bookies would probably put it at USC by 6.

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