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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Through 3 Quarters
ESPN loves to show the 50.8 vs. 50 stat for ppg, but the more telling stat is ppg after 3 quarters because UT has been in a position so sit on the ball nearly every 4th quarter.

After the first half, the average UT score is 30.2 to 8.7. After three quarters, the average UT score is 42.8 to 12.3.

After the first half, the average USC score is 24.0 to 11.3. After three quarters, the average USC score is 37.7 to 14.2.

The stats help prove the theory: UT's stats would be significantly higher than USC's if they were also involved in close games.

I'd like to see other stats through 3 quarters as well (e.g., yards, yards per play), but don't have the resources to compile them.

I would also like to see defensive stats that show how often the team was driven on. For example, many of UT's points allowed were the result of a long kickoff return and a personal foul (an odd scenario, but it happened more than you'd think), giving the opponent the ball near their 20. Several others were due to a turnover in their own territory (this was the bulk of Ohio State's scoring). By contrast, most of the USC scores allowed seem to be off long drives starting at the opponent's 20.

Whatever, stats won't mean anything in 11 hours.

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