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Monday, February 13, 2006

Why oh why can't Best Buy or Circuit City or a combination of the two have the selection of Fry's. I've been wanting to get a bookshelf radio for work. It needs to look non-ghetto. I don't need multi-CD, MP3 player, or cassette deck. I would like an AUX input for my Axim. DVD is a plus (sometimes clients give us DVDs of their products and I have to play them at home, and my monitor can take most video outputs), but that tends to make the system cost hundreds of dollars (no clue why since most progressive scans go for under $30 these days). After having no luck at Best Buy, Circuit City, or Amazon, I went to Fry's. I settled on the Emerson ES2 (oddly not listed as a product, but the big picture on their front page but wood-grained). It was $69.99 (very close to the online price), has a single CD player, looks ok, and has an Aux input. I had to wait for about 15 minutes until the guy for that section came back (from break?). They only had one left. It was taped up oddly. Well, Emerson is an odd company (my bathroom clock radio is Emerson, so I have first-hand knowledge), so maybe they package oddly. I bypassed the door Nazi as usual.

Aside: Fry's's door Nazi has spawned others in almost every store from Best Buy to Walmart. This might be worse for consumers than their customer service.

I took it in to work this morning and started unpacking. The first thing I saw was the remote. It looked very used. The speaker wires (attached to the speakers internally) had definitely been inserted into the speaker jacks before. Great, so Fry's sold me a used unit for the new price. Fuckers. Besides the remote looking very used, I couldn't see any other blemishes. The CD player has trouble opening, but I'm not sure that's a product of it being used. Oddly, the snooze for the alarm is the same button as the one that opens the CD tray. Oddly, it is programmable for up to 60 CD tracks (it's a single CD system).

Now I have to decide whether I want to (1) do nothing; (2) return it because it is used; or (3) complain to Emerson so they can lay the smack down on Fry's for passing off. Because I'm lazy, I'm leaning towards (1) and then never ever buying anything at Fry's ever again. I'll go there to play and look, but I'll buy online.

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