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Monday, February 27, 2006

Reality Show Monday
I accidentally erased the Skating with Celebrities finale. Oh well.

The Apprentice 5
Still not in HD.
Summer has to be my favorite since she's from HB. Those moles are annoying, though.
I don't understand why they left the confines of the plane to talk in the wind. They could have picked teams in the hangar. Also, I think Trump should have sucked up to the roto geeks by doing a serpentine draft.
Who announces that they're in Mensa? Top 2%! (Almost everyone at UTLS qualifies.) He brings it up again in his first PM interview. "Gold Rush" is a double entendre? He must be brilliant.
Wharton is ranked ahead of Harvard? Sure.
Allie questioned her instincts in picking Brent, but she didn't pick him. He was the "and you can have the rest." Putting Brent up in the blimp -- ha ha. Why do they need anyone in the blimp? Why two people?
When Sean said "massage" I heard "sensual ma-sahge."
Wow, it finally came out: they're hawking credit cards like the people on the UA mall.
Begging for support and threatening to make someone a target pre-boardroom. Response: Throw him under the bus. Reresponse: Bring him back as obvious revenge. Mensa strategy!
"The Russian." How many episodes until "I was big deal in Russia"?
Mensa throws out every cliche from seasons 1-4 rather than making arguments.
Product knowledge?
Why is everyone so sweaty this season?
Summer is fired. Go HB.

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