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Monday, February 27, 2006

Rockets Announcers
Dexler and whoever the announcer is are interesting:
Clyde: "That's a perfect one-on-one pick and role."
Announcer: "The Rockets are dominating." [up 29-25]
Announcer: "Before the game, [Bowen] hardly ever misses." Clyde: "Ha ha ha ha."
Announcer: "Yao's headed for a 50 point night." [11 points through 20 minutes of play]
Announcer: "[Diaw]'s not a ball-handler."
Clyde: "Two in a row! That's a hat trick!"
Clyde: "The guy that is going to take advantage of that is Marion and Nash."

I think that's why they had a silent game yesterday.

Weird Sequence of the Game: Nash blocks Yao. Late whistle. Van Gundy technical. Nash misses free throw.

Can Marion average 36-16 for the rest of the year?

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