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Monday, February 06, 2006

Skating with Celebrities 2/6
Summer is a giant. I don't care what IMDB says. Are those tuxedo pants? Way to make her look taller.

Prediction: Joey's going down.

Fake Buffy: They've been working on a big lift -- big surprise. I wonder how much time she actually spends skating on her own (i.e., without holding dude's hand or in the air). They "cranked up the heat" but I don't want to see Joey and Whhhy try to follow suit. I forgot to say how dumb she was last week with not knowing their score and/or that they won then being bitchy about losing. Scott's new thing is left hand in the pants pocket.

Barbri: Clearly the best celeb skater. No question. The biggest score gap I've seen: 8.9 up to 9.6. Not that it will happen tonight, but I wonder what the procedure is for tied lowest scores (skate off?). Tossing to Scott is always an unmitigated disaster.

Joey: I want the old gay judge (as opposed to the young gay judge) to say that he wants Joey to be gay for a 3rd week in a row. So Whhhy? shows off while Joey watches -- I thought this was skating with celebrities. Saw that Outkast line coming from a mile away. Another score gap of 0.7. Toss to Scott off the ice wasn't a disaster. That should never happen again.

World's Greatest Athlete: I just want another hug-five. I hope that head crack was foreshadowing (a la Fake Buffy's chin smack). This seems really sloooow. Seems like a good time for a Tai Booblonia joke. Walking while off the ice during the performance is a first. Scott is fake scared about tonight's elimination tossing it to break.

Well, I was right, but I'm not sure how. You can stumble badly once and walk off and still get 2 points higher than someone else. No Bullwinkle or Popeye to end his appearance? This show sucks and is getting boringer.

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