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Monday, February 06, 2006

Suns Defense Again
Tonight Majerle said that the Suns lead the league in charges taken. They're now 10th in blocks, have a better field goal percentage against than the Pistons, are also 3rd in assists allowed, and are 4th in turnovers caused. They give up 6 and 8 fewer points per game (100.7) than the 1987 Celtics and Lakers, respectively, who I don't think people would say were bad defensive teams. I will continue to bitch until people stop saying that they don't play defense.

In addition to getting "fouled" the most on 3s in the NBA, I would guess that James Jones leads the league in FTA/FGA (21.4%). He's not even close -- Wade is 55.5%, Iverson is 42.8%, Kobe is 40.9%, and I only checked the top 3 in FTA.

Statistical oddities in tonight's game:
Suns 5 assists at halftime.
Suns 18 FTA at halftime (their per game average).
Marion 8 steals.

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