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Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl Recap
I watched the game at home despite numerous offers to go elsewhere. I just can't justify watching a game anywhere else when I can drink myself silly without having to drive and watching a 65" HD from a comfortable couch.

Gambling Recap:
$1 buy-in pre-game poker: last after my top pair was beaten by runner-runner straight to kill my stack
$25 buy-in squares 1st quarter: I had Seattle 3, Pittsburgh 0, so I got my $25 back
$25 buy-in squares 2nd quarter: I didn't have Seattle 3, Pittsburgh 7, so $0 (still even)
$5 buy-in half-time poker: 3rd after chopping my biggest pots and not winning many others (BTW, we put "Puppy Bowl II" on in the background after listening to about two minutes of the Microsoft song)
$25 buy-in squares 3rd quarter: I didn't have Seattle 0, Pittsburgh 4, so $0 (still even)
$25 buy-in squares 4th quarter: I had Seattle 0, Pittsburgh 1, so I won $50 (I also had Seattle 3, Pittsburgh 1 and Seattle 8, Pittsburgh 1, so I was in good shape)
Total: +$44

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