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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Boston Market
A mortgage broker advised me to use two credit cards, so I use my Amex at restaurants. Basically, that means I use it at Boston Market. My bill last month had four items: Boston Market each Sunday. Today is Sunday, so I went to Boston Market.

The girl that looks like a slightly Asian Jessica Alba was working. There's a chance she's in high school, so I'll keep that to myself.

This location used to have a huge banner that proclaimed it as the best Boston Market in the land. And it was. About a month ago, they took the banner down, and it is no longer the best. They are often out of sides, give about half the appropriate amount of gravy, and make weird lump-shaped cornbread instead of tiny loaves. Today, they had a new tan-colored plate. My guess is that this is a way to give much less food to save money (like their foray into 3-side meals).

Still, it's usually my best meal of the week.

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