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Friday, April 28, 2006

Game 3 Live Blog
1st Half
Good thing the game is also on Fox because the first 6 minutes or so were preempted by the Wizards choke.

So Kobe pushes Riffiod (Riff) into Smush, who tackles Thomas, and Riff gets the T?

When did Luke Walton turn into Bill? I've never seen these turnaround 15 footers.

Tim Thomas is hot again. That's good because no one else is making shots, including Nash. Is it actually the Lakers' defense? Still lots of wide open shots. Tired legs? They barely played the last two weeks. Jitters? Shouldn't be for Nash, Marion, or Bell.

Barbosa (LB = Pound, you heard it here first) will not get a call against Kobe. The goes all the way back to game 4 of the regular season. This knowledge changes plays, like when Pound passes to Marion on a breakaway layup.

Apparently touching the rim while a shot is in the air is now allowed.

Kobe won't get a T, no matter what, be it pushing someone in the back, staring down a ref (like an "I'm going to kill you in your sleep" stare), or repeatedly punching the air to be a baby about getting stripped. Probably not even if he kicks a ref in the nuts.

Cook is complaining about a foul when he pushed Jones in the back with two hands?

GET IT OUT! Best defensive play of the series by Jones. At some point this year, he changed from a taller House (Hizzy) to Najera.

Early in the year, the unit of Hizzy, Riff, Marion, Jones, and Pound would increase the lead by 3-4 points. Now they usually give up about 5 points. This is too bad as I really thought that would be a big difference in this year's playoffs. Good to see they're back in the swing, at least for this stint.

I'll take this timeout to complain about the alleged posterization of Nash by Kobe in Game 2. Never before has such an objectively incorrect call been so celebrated. Even more incorrect than Majerle's charge against Manute in the 2nd round of the 1987 playoffs.

Shouldn't Jeff Kent (David Arquette) be at the Dodgers game?

The way the announcers talk about Kwame, you would think he was about 20-10 (maybe even 30-14). Nope, 13-4. There is no need to double him -- he hasn't made a 1-1 shot on Thomas yet, and that opens up offensive rebounds for Odom.

That was way inside. (Oops, switched to complain about the umps in the Angels game.)

2nd Half
Geez, Kwame elbows Riff to the ground and then stares him down like he's Ali. Kobe is pointing and has to be hugged by a ref to stay away from Nash. Result: Foul on Riff, T on Kwame. Then Nash misses the free throw. Great.

Thomas with a kick to the groin of Odom -- no call. Maybe because he was trying to kick the ball (the basketball).

There is really no doubt in my mind that the Titans will take Leinart with the #3 pick. Mario Williams? Are you kidding me? At least Vince rightfully gets the Heisman now that USC is proven to be a dirty program.

Shouldn't Kobe start to take a bunch of bad shots at some point?

Pound got a call!!! Kobe turtles into his jersey despite the body check. No T. I swear it's my goal for Kobe to get a T in this series.

I'm not really considering going to Game 4. Spurs fans are lawless degenerates, Rockets fans are apathetic, and Mavs fans are really courteous. Lakers fans, however, are ridiculously obnoxious and lack fundamental knowledge of the game. Also, the tickets start at $95 for shitty seats.

How bad would it suck to get 1st row floor seats to a playoff game, then realize that you're actually sitting behind Bill Walton?

I've always wondered what Devean George brought to the table. I still don't know.

Smush not a flopper? Neither is Manu, then.

Switch to the last 2 minutes of the Kings game:
I went to a Kings/Spurs game a couple years ago. Despite the fact that Duncan was unstoppable, the Kings won. Looks like that might happen tonight. Bibby's had a tough series, despite his decent ppg. I wonder how the season would have gone if the Suns had signed Finley. Clutch steal by Bibby and then leading the fastbreak for the win. Wow. How is this series close?

Oh good, down by 7 now. Where's the 2nd team?

I said before that Pound might be the x-factor, and the wins/losses might show that to be the case.

I could totally see Jackson telling the team to do delay of games until the refs call one. That's a cheap and easy way to slow down the fast break.

Thomas hasn't done anything since the 1st quarter. Now he's hurt. My guess: hyperextension. Another awful call, but Cook's been getting away with over the backs all game.

1 timeout remaining with 6+ minutes? That's not good.

Lisa Salters: "Tweaked" left knee. Hyperextension?

Marion's blown layup reminds me that the Suns have 0 allyoops this series.

T on Raja? He "hit him after the whistle" to prevent the continuation. Hard to believe that these are supposed to be the best refs in the business.

Kobe slams the ball after Walton levels Pound. No T.

Walton sounds like a video game announcer in this stretch. "Lakers dodge a bullet." "The crowd rises as one."


Insider Info: Border Bowls are going away. Apparently they don't sell too well. I overheard this in the Taco Bell cafeteria as the lady who developed them was telling how it's like losing a pet.

If you need 2 3s, why go inside? If you need any 3s, why not have Hizzy and/or Jones on the court? Ugh.

The irony of this series is that Kobe is out-Nashing Nash. I really wonder if the MVP leak has anything to do with it. If I'm Kobe, and I averaged 35.7 ppg, just to see a guy that averaged half of that win the MVP because his team won and he got others involved, I'd be fairly anxious to score less for the sake of winning (an MVP, not games).

Even if the Suns get down 3-1, I think there is a chance to win the game. Kobe can't be unselfish for that many games in a row, and the Suns supporting cast can't be in a shooting funk for that many games in a row.

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