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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Suns Update
I really hope to get the Lakers in the first round. Although the comeback on Tuesday against the Kings was nice (as opposed to conceding another blowout), the Shaq-less Lakers have yet to beat the Suns in the last 7 years.

Doug Collins said the Suns don't cause turnovers, but that they kill you off the turnovers they do cause because they hit 3s off of them instead of 2s. Don't want to let the facts get in the way -- the Suns cause the 6th most turnovers per game.

Riffiod seems to get better every game, which is pretty amazing to say at this point. That said, I would still give D-West most improved. +11 ppg and, with Chris Paul, has made NOOK decent.

Although tonight's game was in TNTHD, the DVR wanted to record The OC and American Inventor, so it cut away and I had to watch in my bedroom, which worked out because that allowed me to work out while I watched.

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