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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Here's what doesn't stay there:
I attended a Dunes CLE in Vegas. This is a very good idea, but for some reason only about 10 patent lawyers (that weren't speaking at the conference) agreed with me. Sad to say, but I learned a lot and even met Dennis Crouch from Patently-O (now added to the sidebar).

Circus Circus is a long long way away from the rest of the strip. The Wynn is the closest casino built after 1980, and it is about a mile. The conference was at the Bellagio, so I got to take the bus in the mornings. Like every bus I've ever tried to take, they don't run on time.

I attempted to make several sports bets, but didn't make any. Examples: I would look at the Suns line in the morning, but the conference wouldn't get out until tip-off. I'd want to bet the halftime line, but I would be talking to someone on the phone. Etc.

I ended up about $9 up in Pai Gow. Amazingly, the entire time I played with one (1) Asian, who was a hot girl from CA that was married to this weird looking guy with a pony tail and a 4" fu. I was unable to get the Riviera pit boss to comp me a muffin despite my length of play.

The cab ride to the airport was shorter and cheaper than the cab ride from the airport. Lesson: Always take the back roads, not the freeway.

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