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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Clippers Game 1
This was my pre-series analysis, or lack thereof: The Suns ran them off the court twice and the Clips pounded them inside twice. Thus, ???

I watched the game, which my roommate was kind enough to DVR for me because I was here, late last night. This was oddly a combination of my two thoughts -- the Suns ran them off the court and the Clips pounded them inside. The good news is that this shows the Suns can/will win when that happens. Also, Brand and Maggette were absolutely on fire, Cassell had a run of 6 shots in a row, the Suns were in serious foul trouble (that 3rd foul on Thomas was, umm, stunning), and they still won.

X-factor? I'm thinking James Jones because he will be necessary to hard-double Brand.

I remember why I hate Cassell.

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