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Monday, May 01, 2006

Day Without Traffic
This was supposed to be a "day without [illegal] immigrants," but it was by far the best I have ever seen traffic. To and from work took be about 22 minutes, a savings of over an hour. My office has a view of the 405 (fancy!), and I never saw traffic slow. Sigalert was all green all day. If it really is the illegals that clog up the highways, that alone is reason enough to deport them. All. To the southernmost island that Mexico happens to own.

Lots of Mexican flags on cars. That might be better than Lakers flags.

I went to George's Mexican Restaurant for dinner. I figured that if it was closed, I'd never go there again. Nope, completely open, so it remains my favorite HB restaurant (Red Lobster is in Garden Grove -- ha ha).

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