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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

How good has Riff become? Tonight he had that incredible pass to Marion that they broke down after the first commercial. Then he hit several outside shots over Diop. To top it off, he dunked over Dirk (+0) and then Howard.

Tonight was also an indication of how much the Suns need their guards at full strength. When the rotation goes down to Nash and Pound, and a little Hizzy, that won't cut it for 48 minutes. Speaking of full strength, imagine this series with Kurt Thomas boxing out Diop, or geez, anyone guarding Amare.

I must also have a mea culpa. Howard is much better than I've seen him be in the past, and is certainly one of the Mavs' top three players. I still contend that Daniels is the same player without the playing time, though.

The refs were pretty bad tonight in the Suns favor. That messed-up oop was goaltending. Dirk was hammered several times without a call. However, those calls didn't make it a 20 point blowout. Also, that bulldozing of Bell could have sat Dirk down much earlier in the first.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the next few games.

I'm VERY excited about the chance to play the Heat in the finals. Run Shaq out of the game and make Wade take all shots from 20+ feet away. Bell's health will be of paramount importance then.

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