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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Season in Review
This won't be a long post, although it probably deserves one. This is the first Suns season where I've seen 95+% of the games since moving away 11 years ago. I'm happy with the season. Last offseason, they did a lot to address their issues. They brought in defense and hustle with Thomas and Bell. Riff for Johnson was a good salary move. Jones ("the Enforcer") lost his shot, but became, well, the enforcer. Hizzy won a few regular season games with his shooting, and his defense and passing was often overlooked. Pound grew by leaps and bounds, and Marion, somehow, improved.

A team that would have been lucky to be .500 somehow made it to game 6 of the West Finals, which is still significantly better than the East by the way, without said Thomas and with an injured Bell in 4/6 round 3 games.

Changes for next year:
Healthy Amare, Thomas, and Bell.
A 4th dependable guard (sorry Hizzy).
Develop Skeeter (I think he could really bother Dirk with his size and quickness, and I'm mad that D'Antoni didn't even try it for a minute when it was obvious that Marion and Tim weren't stopping him).
Cut Grant (I can't imagine that there aren't dozens of players that would love to play for the Suns or even sit on their bench, so that space is too valuable for guys that were never good who are past their prime).

Signing Tim isn't necessary, although it would be nice. He and Bonzi will make $50M this summer, then not try for another several years. It would be quite refreshing to see a player realize that after 9 years of mediocrity he finally found a system that fits him and stick around to reap the benefits of that system, but there's just no way that will happen with so much money at stake.

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