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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Product Reviews!
Listerine Vanilla Mint
I used to use Scope, then they discontinued the flavor I liked (the light green mint). Then I switched to Target harsh mint. I decided to splurge on this and haven't looked back. No harsh chemical taste, just smooth vanilla. Also, good synergy with Crest Vanilla Mint.

Junior Caramels
I really like Junior Mints, so I thought I would give these a try. They are similar to Milk Duds, which are ok but not my favorite. Also, some of them tasted a little minty, so I think they didn't clean out their vat well enough. They didn't melt as easily as Junior Mints.

ATI All in Wonder 2006
I got this so I could use my desktop as a TiVo. It works somewhat. Although being hooked up to the internet and always on, I have to manually tell it to download the listings. Then there is about a 1/20 chance it will actually record what I tell it to. When looking at the listings, it switches from whatever you were watching to channel 2. And if you look at any other time period, nothing is on the screen. The on-screen controls are annoyingly large. Video applications aren't noticeably faster than my old Voodoo3. Well, it was only $100.

Simply Juices

These are good and really fresh tasting. Unfortunately, Ralph's only sporadically carries the lemonade, and I prefer to buy OJ in larger quantities, so I usually opt for Tropicana + Vitamin D. I've never seen the limeade. I've been drinking a lot of lemonade lately after what I believe was a 5 year layoff of not having it at all.

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