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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Here are the CA results. A lot of people I voted for won, which is pretty amazing here.

Governor: Art Olivier (2% ain't too shabby)
Lieutenant Governor: Robert Guillaume (actually Tom McClintock, who won!)
Secretary of State: Gail Lightfoot (McPherson sucks ass)
Controller: Donna Tello (Strickland is better than Chiang, but how cool is that name; also check out the Russian domain website)
Treasurer: Marion Smithson (??? I probably just used my algorithm here)
Attorney General: Chuck Poochigian (Brown's commercials are laughably false on their face, and I expected more since his Oakland days)
Insurance Commissioner: Steve Poizner (one of the few I really cared about, believe it or not)
Senator: Mike Metti (I didn't even know this was on the ballot until it popped up)
46th District: Dana Rohrabacher (despite my shitty Capitol tour from his intern; he has three surfboards in his office, though)
1A: Yes
1B: Yes
1C: No
1D: No
1E: No (looks like a lot of people voted like I did on these: transportation good, other bad)
83: Yes
84: No
85: No
86: No
87: No
88: No
89: No (this was probably the most important of these)
90: Yes
M: No (I already voted for transportation money once)
T: No (Seniors can build their own center)

Nationally, as much as Katie Couric wants it to be so, this wasn't a referendum on Iraq. If so, which of the turnover Democrats were anti-war? If so, why did Lamont lose when the war was the only difference?
I thought it was interesting that even the Dem talking heads said it would be interesting to see what they do since they didn't say what they would do during the campaign. My guess is that they will raise taxes (which will be vetoed) and issue a lot of subpoenas. This column by ultra-liberal Michael Kinsley is an further indication of this.
Also, the rest of the country will get to see how nuts Pelosi really is.

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