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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I highly recommend Bad Girls Club. To paraphrase The Soup, it's a house full of girls that couldn't pass the Real World's sanity test.

I hate: (1) Stephen Jackson; (2) Bears D; (3) Devin Hester.

Since ESPN Mobile was in business for only a few months and stopped trying after a couple months, I switched back to Sprint. No deal and they wouldn't let me back into my old contract. At least I got to port my number back (using my Austin address).

Boston Market frozen foods are mostly good. I recommend all of the soups and the mashed potatoes and gravy. No chicken, though?

For some reason, the windows in my new car are tough to clean. My guess is that there are still organics outgassing and that builds up on the windows, which is hard to clean with ammonia (Windex). I bought this and something similar to these and that gets them pretty clean. I'm still testing out all kinds of cleaning products and want to buy a hand vac.

Speaking of my car, I went to the LA Auto Show again a couple weeks ago. It's a really different experience when almost every car is worse than mine. The XLR-V still wins for best seat, though. I would give up heated and cooled to get that comfy.

Despite being #1 in RPI since I've been checking (at least the last 5 weeks), UA is still #7 in both polls. I guess it will take a UCLA win to get there.

The best NBA rookie I've seen this year is Bargnani (I was only one letter off!). I've also been impressed by Jack, Ellis, and TJ.


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