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Monday, January 15, 2007

Short Memory
I've blogged about this before, but it drives me nuts when Magic in particular says taht the Suns don't play defense, should be blowing certain teams away more, etc.

From 1979-1990 (Magic's prime years in which the Lakers averaged 59.3 wins/season), the Showtime Lakers scored 114.1 ppg. A good bit better than the Suns's 110.7 this year.

However, they also gave up 107.9 ppg, a ton better than the Suns's 102.4. So who didn't play defense? Only once, the 1989-90 team that won 58 games in Magic's "last" year, did Showtime hold opponents to less than 102.4 ppg.

How about differential? 6.2 for Showtime, 8.3 for the Suns. Only once, the 1986-87 team that won 65 games, did Showtime have a better differential than the Suns (9.3).

It was a different league, but the Showtime Lakers also allowed opponents to shoot 47.5%, never limiting them to less than 46.2%. To their credit, they also shot 51.5%, a difference of 4%. The Suns, by contrast allow only 45.4% shooting and shoot 49.5% themselves, a difference of 4.1%. It should also be noted that the Lakers and their opponents shot less than one three per game, whereas the Suns huck up 24/game (so their non-3 field goal percentage is a crazy 53.6%).

I'll spit out more stats the next time I get riled up like this. Yes, this is 11 seasons versus 1/2 a season, but all I'm asking is for some objective proof that the Showtime Lakers, or any high scoring team, has ever played better defense than the current version of the Suns, as seems to be the gospel.

NB: All stats before tonight's game, where the Suns "didn't play defense" but outscored their opponent by 15 points.
NB II: I used this to compile the Laker's stats.
NB III: Zeke's Knicks lead the league in technicals and flagrant fouls.
NB IV: How can anyone seriously consider voting for Kobe or Wade for MVP over Dirk, Duncan, or Nash?
NB V: I usually (read: never ever) read books at home, but my brother got me :07 Seconds [sic] or Less for Christmas, and I feel like I'm getting to know the Suns personally.

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